Medical Device Investigations within the EU


Medical devices can only be introduced in the EU market after having been approved to be suitable, safe and effective.

 Scope of Medical Device Clinical Studies: 

  1. Clinical Investigations
  2. Performance evaluations
  3. Post marketing/Approval Studies 

Clinical Investigation Defined:

“Systematic Investigation in one or more human subjects, undertaken to assess the safety or performance of medical device” (ISO 14155) 

Performance Evaluation Defined:

“Investigation of an in-vitro diagnostic medical device intended to validate the performance claims under the anticipated conditions of use” (BS EN 13612: 2002) 

Post marketing/Approval Studies Defined

Clinical Study in human subjects of a CE-marked device (being used within indication) to evaluate additional parameters 

All EU MD investigations must comply with the related Directives:

As well as must be conducted in compliance with the harmonised standards:

Even though European countries are working according to European regulations, some countries have their own specific additional requirements. 

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